Novaflon Baking paper

NOVAFLON is the line of a long-lasting non-stick sheets made of green Teflon, material with excellent non-stick-quality. ICB Tecnologie srl is able to provide these special non-stick sheets in all sizes that a customer could want. The main characteristic of Novaflon is its resistance, which ensures numerous bakes without ever altering the anti-stick quality, especially with bakery products with high sugar content. Novaflon is ideal for baking doughs for bread making, desserts and other products that require non-stick conditions. Novaflon can be used in electric and convection ovens, or in tunnel ovens. The teflon baking sheets can be used at temperatures ranging from -200°C to +260°C. Use: place the Novaflon in a perforated or full pan. Baking: do not grease the Novaflon. Ensure that it is clean and dry, then lay the doughs. After leavening, proceed immediately to baking. Unloading from the oven: manually remove the individual pieces by hand or gently lift one side of the Novaflon slipping the product out. Cleaning: wash the Novaflon with warm water and a soft sponge after each use. Do not use pastry cutters or brushes of any kind. Do not bend it.

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  • FNNF47: 60x40 cm sheet
  • FNNF69: 60x80 cm sheet
  • FNNOVB: Customized sheet

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